F1b Mini GD

Mini F1b Goldendoodles will be non shedding and weigh less than 25 lbs as adults. Adorable, intelligent and loving all in a small package.

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    “JUSTICE” Male.  Born: 3-10-18.  Parents: Jewel & Ember. Curly/non shed.  Ready ~ 5-15. $ 1800.00

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    “MANNY”  Male.  Born : 7-26-18.  Parents : Mystique & Carmine.  Curly/ non-shed.  Ready ~late Sept. $2000.00

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  • TREASURE’S Puppies

    TREASURE & Ember  had their mini F1b Goldendoodles 8-9-18. 2 males and 3 females.  Some are reserved with deposits.  But accepting more applications.