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Cindy Hancock has selected her Doodle parents from the healthiest, kindest and most trainable of the dogs to be considered at her kennel. First generation crosses (F1) and F1b will be available now with multi-generation crosses. There will be some cross backs to poodles to obtain a more hypo-allergenic coat.

Cindy Hancock of CH Kennels has been breeding, raising and training Golden Retrievers for 25 years. During her 30 years as a professional breeder, Cindy has also raised, owned, and trained Labradors and Poodles.

New Arrivals

12-9-19 Reason & Radagast mini-med Aus. Labradoodles

12-18-19 Kismet & Radagast mini Ultimates

12-20-19 Poppy & King Standard Goldendoodles

1-6-20 Isabella & Percival Mini med Labradoodles

1-15-20 Whimsy &Carmine Cairnoodles

1-17 20 Brandy F1 mini-med Goldendoodles

1-22-20 WonTon & Ember Cairnoodles


Doodle Breeder Spokane WA 

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Event Name:  Doodle Romp

Date:  Summer 2020

Location:  To Be Announced

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